About Regency

All of our customers are individuals, they are not just a faceless number.

We have local collectors who will call at your house at a mutually agreeable time/day. We process each loan application on an individual basis. Whatever your circumstance, or need for the loan, contact us today and we will try to help.

Home Collection 

Our agents are the friendly, helpful people who make weekly visits to our customers . They are local people who collect your weekly repayments and understand your needs and requirements.

From £200-£500

We put you in control with the flexibility to spread your loan across a number of weekly repayment options. There are no complicated terms or hidden surprises. Getting the money you need is simple and straightforward.

NOT a payday loan

Payday loans require previous payroll and employment records and have a much higher, uncapped APR. They are payable in full with your next wage….leaving you short for the next month. With a Regency loan you can factor the small, affordable payment into your outgoings spread over a manageable length of time.