Customer Testimonials

I have been a customer of Regency for a number of years now and quite honestly there have been times where they have saved my life. When I needed cash immediately I could telephone my collector and the paperwork was done and brought round to me. It is such a help having a collector as I do not drive and am in poor health so do struggle some weeks to get out and about.
DS Stretford

I needed a short term loan to help me buy school uniforms. I called into the office at Regency and was pleasantly suprised how quick and easy it was for me to take out a small loan. i was able to buy all my sons uniform the following day. One happy mum and one smart boy!
CR Urmston

Regency are more than a loan company, they are friends. When I was ill the team at Regency sent me a Get Well card and good wishes. they know all their customers by name and are a good old fashiioned personal loan company.
SG Urmston

I heard of Regency through a friend and when I needed a loan for repairs to my car i called in and Barry sorted me out, no messing. It meant I could get my car back on the road sooner rather than later.
EH Flixton