Foreign Exchange

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The Euro is the most used foreign currency of all the European countries making it ideal for our summer holidays . Used across the continent in countries like Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, it is now common for travellers to have exchanged and used the Euro whilst on their travels. We can offer extremely competative rates and have Euros in stock for immediate exchange.

We also carry USD in stock available for immediate exchange.

The Euro is not the only currency we offer. we can also order the following :Turkish Lira, Swiss Francs, Egyptian Pounds, Canadian Dollars, UAE Dirhams, Czech Koruna, Australian Dollars and Bulgarian Lev, and many more, we do not carry these currencies in stock but with our specialist ordering sytem we can have them here and waiting for you within 24 hours.

Here at Regency we have NO minimum spend and can offer great rates whatever amount you require.
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