GDPR Privacy Policy

Regency Express Loans Privacy Policy

How we look after your information

The Data Protection Act requires Regency Express loans to manage personal information with the Act. We must process your information fairly and lawfully. This means that you are entitled to know

how we intend to use your information. You are then free to decide whether to provide us with said information. All staff are fully trained and are aware of their obligations, in addition, our policies and procedures are regularly audited and reviwed.

Where we obtain your information

Information shall be complied from application forms,letters, emails, proof of Identity, payment analysis from previous accounts with our company, and data obtained from social media accounts.

How we share your information externally

We shall treat your information as private and confidential, but may share if:

  • Allowed by this agreement

  • You consent

  • Needed by our advisors in running your account or collecting what you owe

  • HMRC or other authorities require it

  • The law, regulatory bodies or the public interest permits or requires it

  • Required by us to investigate or prevent crime

Sharing your information to assist with asset buying or selling

Should Regency Express Loans decide in the future to sell the business, or aquire a business then we may disclose your information to a potential buyer if required, provided they agree to keep all information confidential

How we manage personal or sensitive information

The Data Protection Act defines certain information as sensitive – racial or ethnic opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, phyisical or mental health, sexual preferences, criminal proceedings and offences. As part of your ongoing relationship with our company we may be provided with such information and, wherever possible, we shall always ask for your consent to process said information

Recording phone calls and customer visits

We may monitor or record phone calls and customer visits in case we need to check that we have carried out your instructions properly, to resolve any queries or issues, for regulatory purposes, to help improve our service and to help detect and prevent fraud or other crimes.

Using your details for service contact

To ensure we deliver excellent customer service, various methods of communication may be used when sending you information regarding your account. This may be via SMS, Post or Email. This may include sending you statements or other information you require in relation to your loan. We will always ensure that we are not putting your data at risk and should you require information be sent via email we will make it clear that there are risks sending via an insecure email and that you are happy to accept that risk

Using information on social networking sites

As part of our ongoing commitment to understanding our customers better, we may research comments and opinions made on public social media sites. We may also match the information on these sites with the data we hold to undertake behavioural analysis and assist us with our credit decisions. The information we collect may also assist us with looking at targeted advertising on social media

Obtaining a copy of your information

You have a right of access to a copy of the personal data we hold about you for a fee of £10. Please write to the Information Request Officer, Regency Express Loans, 9 Flixton Road, Urmston, M41 5AW enclosing your payment and providing as much information as possible to enable us to locate your information

How we use Credit Reference Agency data

Your application will be registered under the name Regency Express Loans Ltd and we are currently working with Equifax. If you would like more information on this Credit Reference Agency then please visit their website. We will make a search with this agency when you apply for credit and this will review your records as well as anyone finacially associated with you. The agency will keep a record of this search and place a ‘footprint’ on your file, whether or not your application proceeds.

Once you obtain a loan with us, we will report regularly to the CRA on your payment history. If you fall behind on your payments and satisfactory proposals are not received within 28 days of a formal demand being issued, then a default notice may be recorded at the CRA which may impact on your ability to obtain further credit.

The information we, and other organisations provide to the CRAs may be used by us and them to;

  • help male decisions when checking applications, managing credit related accounts, recovering a debt, detecting and preventing money laundering, crime and fraud

  • verifying identity

  • tracing your wherabouts

Any records shared with the CRAs will remain on your CRA file for 6 years once your account is closed

How we check your identity and undertake money laundering checks

We ask you to provide a number of physical forms of identity

Contacting you about future products

With your permission we may contact you by phone, SMS, email and mail about future products. This contact may continue after your relationship with us ends. You may opt out of this at any time by calling or writing to us

Changes to this notice

We keep our privacy policy under regular review. This notice was last updated December 2017